And this morning's hot button

And this morning’s hot button. Maxx accused of misleading customers about their discount deals. ABC’s Becky Worley has the details. The city purchased the property including the school in 2012 to expand the parkland there. As much as some will quibble that council acted too hastily in balking at three redevelopment options presented to it last November, councillors did raise legitimate concerns about the costs associated with those proposals, including a cleanup of mould and asbestos in the building. It did its due diligence and continued that this week with its decision to sell..

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“Since that story broke in this area, we’ve had a sharp decrease,” said Adam Kras, senior manager of lab operations at ACCQ Sleep Labs, which runs K W Sleep Lab on King Street South in Waterloo. It has two other locations in Paris and Owen Sound, and its medical director is Dr. Emmanuel Tadross, who has been practising sleep michael kors handbags medicine in the area for 35 years..

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