I have cleaned them many times with soap

I have had a pair of glasses with several coatings UV anti scratch and something else. I have cleaned them many times with soap, liquid or even the tablet type, I have yet to find any soap to cause a film on my glasses. I used the super expensive cleaner for about a month as they said the lenses would scrape easy, this is only a lie to sell more cleaner.

My daughter just turned two and plays with her poop. At first it started when she would go down for a nap or in the morning when she would get up she’d take off her poopy diaper. Then she started smearing it around her room at first i thought it was just she was mad cause she was put in her room, but the other day she was in the kitchen without me and took off her diaper and started to paly with it with a spoon.

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They have no idea what crackers, mince pies or Christmas pudding are. Also, they leave milk and cookies out for Santa and not sherry and a mince pie. But it’ll be good (sob).. Or not, DeChambeau shot an impressive even par 72 and said playing a round with Spieth at the Masters is something he never forget, especially watching the defending champ shoot a 66. He was most impressed with how Spieth handled the breaks of the greens in the strong wind gusts. The amateur who cites Albert Einstein as his idol explained that in a controlled environment of a constant wind you can learn how much a putt will be affected, but a gusting wind is uncontrollable thus can be accounted for.

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Jane became a teaching phenom, beginning in the Indian high schools of Robeson county in 1944. At Cary High School from 1952 1972, she taught languages, primarily Spanish. At UNC CH in 1955. The effect of this right to repair legislation would extend beyond independent technicians like Jones. If the bill becomes law, it could be a big positive for the environment, cutting down on manufacturing costs and e waste generated from disposed phones. That’s a major reason that New York state Sen.